Art Spectrum 500ml Cans

Ivory Black S1**** ASTM -I AS AOC 500ml

A semi transparent black with a warm, slightly brown undertone. By far the most widely used and popular black today. more info

Zinc White S1**** ASTM -I AS AOC 500ml

Simply unbeatable as a mixing white because of the subtle luminous results when mixed with colours. Being one third the opacity of Titanium White, it... more info

Underpainting White S1**** ASTM -I AS AOC 500ml

A fast drying oil-resin white ideal for priming and under painting. Straight from the tube it has a soft, cottage cheese like consistency which... more info

Titanium White 2 S2**** ASTM -I AS AOC 500ml

Formulated with more pigment and less oil than our standard Titanium, the Titanium # 2 is milled for long periods which results in an extremely heavy... more info

Titanium White S1**** ASTM -I AS AOC 500ml

Titanium is extremely opaque and is the whitest of all whites. Its covering power and resistance to yellowing makes it a popular choice where areas... more info