Schmincke Aero Colour Ink 12 Set


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Set of 12 x 28ml bottles of Schmincke Aero Color colours, including Standard, TOTAL COVER, EFFECT and CANDY colours.

Aero Colour Professional are highly light-resistant, brilliant air-brush colours from the Schmincke company developed specially for the air-brush spray-gun but also very good to use with retouching pens, dip-pens and brushes.

Colours included in set:

Supra-White Opaque

Red Orange

Primary Blue Cyan

Permanent Green

Dark Brown

TOTAL COVER - Brilliant Yellow

TOTAL COVER - Cadmium Red Hue

EFFECT - Metallic Brilliant Silver

EFFECT - Metallic Brilliant Gold

CANDY - Sky Blue

CANDY - Smoke Black

CANDY - Sunbeam Yellow