36 Color Confetti Mini Watercolor Daniel Smith Dot Card Box Set


If you love color and creating, you will love painting with our DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Confetti Dot Card Set!

Inside, you will find 36 extra large dots of DANIEL SMITH Watercolours that will add magic to your painting projects! Just take a wet brush, touch the watercolor dot to release the beautiful color and you are ready to paint!  

The Watercolor Confetti Dot Card Set is easy to carry and take along from the coffee shop to the mountain top and everywhere in between!

Watercolor Confetti Box Set with the 9 Watercolor Dot Cards.

With these dots of watercolor you can celebrate color, decorate journals, use for lettering and stamping projects, make cards, fine art, crafting or simply enjoy color with color swatching! 

Each watercolor dot is packed with pure pigment (no fillers) which means that the watercolor goes a long way and can be used for multiple small projects!

Lots of color in each Dot of DANIEL SMITH Watercolor!

For ideas and easy fun, we have a collection of downloadable line art at this link: DANIELSMITH.com/Art-Projects.  There you will find flowers, birds (etc.) already drawn for you, that you can use for painting with your Watercolor Confetti Dots!  Just choose subjects you would like to paint and download the pdf. The website page has helpful instructions on how to transfer the beautiful line art drawings onto watercolor paper, PLUS watercolor painting tips!

Watercolor Confetti Dot Card Set with Blue Bird line art downloaded from the DANIELSMITH.com/Art-Projects page.

Included in this set are 36 Watercolor Confetti Dots of paint on 9 inspirational themed cards:

Gemstones are a Girl’s Best Friend

“Gemstones…From your jewelry box to your paint box.” These 4 Dots are PrimaTek Watercolors made from beautiful semi-precious gemstones ready for ornamenting your paintings!   

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Gemstones are a girl’s best friend” with watercolor dots of Amethyst Genuine, Rhodonite Genuine, Jadeite Genuine and Amazonite Genuine.
  • Left image shows the extra large dots on the card directly from the box.
  • Center image shows the colors of the dots after brushing out with water.
  • Right image shows each color painted out.

Mix & Mingle 1

“It’s time to mix & mingle…with Yellow, Red and Blue! Accent with Lunar.” Black. These 4 Dots are the 3 primary colors, yellow, red and blue, wonderful on their own, and perfect for mixing to make secondary colors; orange, green and purple.  Lunar Black is an exciting accent with amazing granulation!

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Mix and Mingle 1” with watercolor dots of Hansa Yellow Medium, Anthraquinoid Red, French Ultramarine and Lunar Black.

Mix & Mingle 2  

“Mixing & Mingling…with Orange, Purple and Green! Make tones with Jane’s Grey.” Taking beautiful secondary colors, orange, purple and green ready for painting and for mixing new, more muted colors with Jane’s Grey adding richness when mixed with other colors!

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Mix and Mingle 2” with watercolor dots of Permanent Orange, Imperial Purple, Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) and Jane’s Grey.

Autumn Glow

“Capture the changing season with colors that celebrate the richness of an Autumn Glow.” Paint with the light and glow of Autumn’s harvest and landscape colors!

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Autumn Glow” with watercolor dots of Aussie Red Gold, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Hansa Yellow Light.

Born to Sparkle  

“You were born to sparkle and so was your art! Create beautiful, shimmering  pastels with Pearlescent White…sure to be a hit at the party!” Capturing light and reflecting back beautiful colors that will make you smile!

These colors are part of the Luminescent Collection of “Sparkly” watercolors.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “You were born to sparkle and so was your art” with watercolor dots of Pearlescent White, Duochrome Cabo Blue, Duochrome Emerald, Duochrome Hibiscus.

Add a Little Sparkle  

“Add a little sparkle everywhere you paint! Sparkly paints need their own water glass…or they will party with all your other paints!” 

These colors are part of the Luminescent Collection of “Sparkly” watercolors.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Add a little sparkle everywhere you paint” with watercolor dots of Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Garnet, Iridescent Russet, Iridescent Electric Blue.

Granulating Fun  

“Granulating colors are so much fun! Wet your paper and make a water path, add a drop of Rose of Ultramarine and watch the colorful line dance!” Granulation is the wild child in watercolors adding lively excitement and magical effects!

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Granulating colors are so much fun” with watercolor dots of Rose of Ultramarine, Sap Green, Ultramarine Turquoise and Lunar Blue.

Colors of Inspiration

“Take me away…stunning colors of inspiration! Watercolors will dance, dance, dance on textured paper!” Special colors that have inspired many artists!

  • Opera Pink – the most vivid of all pinks.
  • Cascade Green – luxurious evergreen that separates giving the illusion of depth.
  • Green Gold – bight golden green of sunlit leaves.
  • Moonglow – inspiring mix of 3 colors that reveal themselves in the most unexpected ways.
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Take me away stunning colors of inspiration” with watercolor dots of Opera Pink, Cascade Green, Green Gold and Moonglow.

Paint Flowers

“Paint flowers and watch your garden grow!” Colors perfect for a cottage garden and reflective of their namesake flowers!

  • Wisteria – is a delicate, red leaning lavender.
  • Lavender – a beautiful periwinkle blue.
  • Quinacridone Lilac – a vivid pink with the slightest blue tone.
  • Quinacridone Rose – red-violet color, lends itself to fabulous purples when mixed with blues. 
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card, “Paint flowers and watch your garden grow” with watercolor dots of Wisteria, Lavender, Quinacridone Lilac and Quinacridone Rose.
Watercolor Confetti Dot Cards are great for stamping!

We know you will have fun creating beautiful and fun art projects with our DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Confetti Dot Card Set! 

So much art fun in a little box! 

Detail of a painting by Ethel Pajao used for the Watercolor Confetti Box