554 Julie Goldspink Mop

By Neef

This brush has been designed to work as well as a mop and also as an alternative to sable. The versatility of this new synthetic mop will astound the user and the lasting qualities of the hair will give excellent performance over longer periods of time. The balanced longer handles allow for dexterous and fluid handling. It produces spontaneous and controlled washes and is a must for all painters.



A.W.I., A.G.R.A.F.,  is a multi-award winning artist who travels throughout Australia doing Workshops and Demonstrations. Her preferred medium is watercolour but also works in oil and acrylic, mixed media, collage and pastels. Her subject matter covers landscapes, seascapes, riverscapes, flowers and still life and her work is described as Realist Impressionist.

Self taught from a young age her formal education came later. It includes Fine Art studies at T.A.F.E, ten years at Mitchel College Summer/Winter Schools studying watercolour and portraiture, and C.S.U. B.A. majoring in Fine Arts and Textiles.