95 Ben Winspear Stiff Synthetic Rigger

By Neef

The Neef 95 series is absolutely the best brush for acrylic painting with very resilient stiff bristles that snap straight back into shape. We also have a lot of oil painters who will only use this 95 series brush and like all Neef brushes, if cleaned and stored correctly this brush will give years of painting pleasure.

RIGGERS - round ferrule with extra long hair coming to a fine point. Ideal for painting lines. 

The 95 Stiff Synthetic Rigger is a collaboration between Neef and artist Ben Winspear.



Ben Winspear is a Melbourne based artist who works in both oil and watercolour.

His work encapsulates a wide range of subject matter; anything that inspires him at the time. His painting often runs the full spectrum from purely representational through to abstraction - as he seeks to develop a synthesis of both in his own unique and personal visual language to describe the world around him.

His two loves though are the portrait/figure and the Australian landscape and regularly paints both from life, often painting from the back of his car en route to teach classes or a workshop. Passing on his knowledge to those whom attend his classes and workshops is his other passion as he seeks to ground them solidly in the traditions of observational drawing and painting with an informed use of quality materials. 

He has been painting professionally for over fifteen years and has held several successful solo and joint exhibitions and been involved in numerous arts projects in the education field.

Ben is also a multi-award winner including winning the Castlemaine James Farrell Self Portrait Prize, the A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship and Art Prize, and was nominated the 2016 Victorian Artist Society ARTIST OF THE YEAR.