Alvaros Fresco Grey DANIEL SMITH Awc 15ml


DANIEL SMITH is so excited to have been working with Master Artist Alvaro Castagnet on the creation of two DANIEL SMITH Watercolours which capture the passion and expression of his paintings!   

Alvaro's Caliente Grey (warm) and Alvaro's Fresco Grey (cool) Watercolours are New DANIEL SMITH Watercolours and part of  the New SIGNATURE SERIES of Watercolours!

Greys can be so expressive and Alvaro's Caliente and Fresco Greys, as Alvaro Castagnet describes them, are about:

 "...magnetism, fury, energy...power.  You know greys... create a feeling of danger, emotion, passion... mystery...evoke things that are unknown...darkness.  I use these greys to create a painting that has a, mystery, passion...something to discover, entering the unknown, darkness.  Both of these colours have just this type of feel to me."
-Alvaro Castagnet