Art Spectrum Artist Oils Set with Mediums and Brushes


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Art Spectrum Artist Oils Set

Proudly Australian owned, Art Spectrum has been manufacturing for 50 years using the highest quality lightfast pigments which are triple-milled with traditional methods using the purest of linseed oil.

Art Spectrum Professional Quality Artists’ Oil Colour is Australia’s most respected oil paint.

Set includes,

x 8 40ml Professional Quality Artists’ Oil Colours

• Spectrum Yellow

• Yellow Ochre

• Spectrum Red

• Spectrum Violet

• Spectrum Blue (Cobalt Blue Hue)

• Spectrum Viridian

• Burnt Sienna

• Burnt Umber

• Zinc White (Mixing White)

x 2 Oil Painting Mediums

• Spectrum Clear 40ml tube

• Art Spectrum Refined Linseed Oil 100ml

x 3 Art Spectrum Series 900 Interlocked Hog Bristle Brushes

• Round Size 2

• Flat Size 4

• Flat Size 8