Cadmium Red Medium Hue Fluid Golden 118ml

By Golden

Cadmium Red Medium Hue is a more economical and non-toxic alternative to our single pigment paint. It offers brilliant color but it is slightly more transparent and not as lightfast as actual Cadmium. (Series 4)

Pigment Classification: Organic
Color Index Name: PR112 / PR5
Color Index Number: 12370 / 12490
Chemical Description: Naphthol AS-D / Naphthol ITR
Opacity/Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Lightfastness Rating: 2
Permanency: Very Good
Munsell Notation Listing: Hue 9.0 Value 3. Chroma 13.4
Gloss Average: 74.7
Viscosity Range: 400-1000 CPS
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*42.05 a*48.29 b*29.06
Tint Strength: 73.39