CIYL DVD Set Eleven ??? Painting & Print


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Colour In Your Life DVD Set 11 - Painting & Print

Jeanette Sellwood
Jeanette enjoys combining people in a natural environment. The ocean, rainforests, sunsets and sunrises create wonderful opportunities for new creative endeavours. Jeanette is also fascinated by people and individual personalities, her portraiture work showing a unique side of each person she paints.

Tania Heben
During 1987 Tania moved to the Far North of Queensland which she feels was an experience which helped her “really see colour for the first time” and her use of brilliant colour is undeniably one of the most well known features of her work. Her works contrast vivid local scenes of people still influenced by the colonial settlement period of the 1800’s with the lush tropical vegetation of the Australian Rainforest and Jungle. Tania’s paintings have been described as “Gauuinesque” with the strong influence of both Matisse and Gauguin in her work.

Mary Ann Runciman
Figure drawing has always been an important part of Mary Ann’s working practice. She has used these drawings as a departure for this series of paintings. These paintings are an exploration of painting itself. She has confined the format to the square and in many of these paintings there is no right way up, but are intended as a self contained worlds of their own.

Anna Curtis
In 1983 Anna travelled north to Mackay where she established herself as an artist and teacher. Her love of printmaking grew as she developed her own unique technique and style in reduction linoprinting. Since then, Anna has travelled extensively throughout Australia and overseas. Inspired by her immediate environment and love of nature, Anna’s linoprints celebrate the essence of tropical and inland Australia.