Copic Alcohol Ink Set 3 Fire

By Copic

Copic Alcohol Ink Set 3pc - Fire

Copic Markers are the world's leading alcohol-based ink markers, well known for their high-quality markers and inks and used by artists and illustrators.

This ink set contains 3 x 12ml bottles.

Copic Marker Ink Refills can be used to refill any of the Copic Markers, which are refillable and can also be used on their own to create hand lettering using a brush or for mixed media, resin or fluid art. They can be applied to almost any surface but produces the best results on non-porous surfaces such as paper, plastic, glass or metal.

Each Copic Marker refill canister contains 12mls ink.

Copic Marker ink is an alcohol-based formula, it is non-toxic and acid-free for long-lasting results. 

Each bottle comes with a nozzle tip for easy application and refill.

Set Contains 3 x Fire Themed Colours  -  R17 Lipstick Orange, YR04 Chrome Orange and Y08 Acid Yellow