Indigraph Drawing Set 3 Nibs


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This pack includes the Indigraph Pen with a Steel nib (converter included), two extra steel nibs and 4ml of Indigraph Indian ink. Nibs included are: EF (extra fine) , F (fine) and M (medium). These nibs are all smaller than 1mm in width.

It is an innovative fountain pen that differs from the rest because of a unique advantage: its ability to keep the nib constantly moist, preventing the inks from drying out.

How does it achieve this? Using the advanced IndiGraph technology, a water reservoir is provided in the upper part of the pen cap, separated by a custom-designed membrane, which allows the passage of moisture – but not water – and stops the nib from ever drying out. 

 IndiGraph, allows the use of Indian inks. What’s special about this? While using this type of ink, when the ink dries, a waterproof film of shellac is created which protects the drawing from water, making it ideal for working with watercolours or inking comics, among other graphic arts.