Jansen Chows Master Artist Set I


"This set is an perfect combination of hot and cold colours. I love the warm Lemon Yellow and Pyrol Orange, together with cool Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Purple blocks to form the night city. Burnt Umber shows the historical features of ancient buildings, while Alizarin Crimson expresses the enthusiasm and surprise in the city”

~Jansen Chow

Jansen Chow AWX, NWS is a multi-award winning artist who has held 19 solo art exhibitions and took part in more than 400 national and international watercolour exhibitions. His work is formed by combinations of clocks of colours that centers on a vision of urban cityscapes. He finds inspiration in the places he has visited, fascinated by the sense of liveliness and energy of street, buildings and people.

The set consists of 6 watercolour tubes (5 ml):

1. Lemon Yellow

2. Pyrrol Orange

3. Alizarin Crimson

4. Quinacridone Purple

5. Ultramarine Blue

6. Burnt Umber