Light Gold Structure

By Matisse

The use of metallic finishes in art has a long and esteemed history that began with a technique known as gilding. This is a blanket term that refers to a number of methods used to apply either gold leaf or a metallic powder to a surface. This technique is thought to have been pioneered by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who used this process to add metallic luster to their artworks and to emphasize particular features. Modern artists continue to use metallic finishes for the same reasons. However, the process of gilding is an effective but time consuming one. It can also be expensive and the versatility of the finish is also somewhat limited, and the technique can also be laborious and time-consuming. In response to these challenges, Matisse has created a range of acrylic metallic paints. The range consists of metallic Bronze, Copper, Silver. Light Gold and Gold. These products also have excellent permanency and are very lightfast with a BWS rating of 8. When applying these colours, please note that the metallic effect becomes more evident as the paint dries. Matisse metallic colours apply like any acrylic paint, and dry to a glossy, metallic finish that is not affected by oxidisation in the same way gilded metals can be. They are safe when used as directed and brushes and containers can be cleaned with soap and water in the same way as standard acrylics. All metallic pigments range are synthetically derived for both economic and health reasons. This also results in consistent metallic finishes. If you wish to recreate a gilded finish, the use of a soft synthetic brush is recommended to minimise any texture marks left by the bristles. Matisse metallic paints can also be mixed with Matisse mediums to create transparent washes and glazes with a metallic sheen. While metallic acrylics can be applied using traditional brush techniques, they can also be rubbed into dried textured paint to create metallic highlights amid the texture. Although each of these acrylic paints has its own unique beauty, they can also be used together to create interesting effects. For example, the use of both the Light Gold and the Gold can create a finish with depth and interest. All Matisse metallic paints dry to semi-sheen metallic finish that can be worked over or emphasized with the application of a water-based gloss or matt varnishes. Although these metallic paints have a strong sheen, they are not particularly suitable for mixing with non-metallic paints to create another metallic colour. For example, mixing silver metallic paint with regular magenta paint does not create a strong metallic magenta finish. The use of Matisse MM24 Iridescent Medium is recommended to create a metallic sheen when used with standard acrylic paint.