Liquitex Ceramic Stucco Textured Effects Medium 237ml


What it does
- Tiny hollow ceramic spheres add structure and texture to this 100% acrylic polymer gel
- Dries to a light gray matte stucco finish
- Highly flexible and adhesive
- Will not chip or crack on canvas
- Gives an opaque/semi-opaque appearance - the thicker you apply, the more opaque it becomes
- Can be used on its own, mixed with colour or overpainted once dry
- Provides an excellent absorbent ground for acrylics, pastels and graphite - for glazing, washes and drawing on
- Apply thickly to create bold 3D effects, or finely to give surface texture
- Maintains colour adhesion, durability and archival quality

How to use it
- Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products
- Apply with palette knife or brush
- Tint with acrylic colour to make a colored texture cement
- Intermix with other texture gels to get a custom effect
- Overpaint when dry with acrylic colour
- To use as an absorbent ground - apply a thin layer to surface and leave to dry
- To color wash - paint over with a mix of colour and Airbrush Medium
- Apply thickly for sculptural texture
- For abstract effects, apply different colours with a knife, building layers dry or wet in wet
- Can be mixed with acrylic-compatible powdered pigments
- Varnish for additional protection

How not to use it
- If varnishing, don't be too vigorous as this can cause clouding or foaming - spray varnish will give best results
- Do not use with any non-acrylic compatible media

Use with
Acrylic paints & mediums

Use on
All acrylic-friendly surfaces

Building texture
Mixed media
Underpainting & adding tooth
Special effects