Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel 237ml


What it does
- Dramatically increases viscosity to create a stiff, oil paint-like consistency that holds high peaks and sculptural shape
- Reduces surface gloss, increases colour depth and transparency
- Extends your colour further without affecting acrylic stability
- Slows drying time and gives minimal shrinkage
- Acts as a heavy-duty collaging adhesive
- Primes rough exterior walls for gesso application before mural painting
- Maintains paint adhesion, durability and archival quality

How to use it
- Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products
- Mix with Gloss Gel to create a custom satin gel
- Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results
- Mix as much as you like into acrylic colour to create the viscosity and transparency you want - the more you add, the more transparent your colour will become
- Mix into Heavy Body Acrylic to extend volume and maintain viscosity
- Mix into Soft Body or Acrylic Ink to extend volume and thicken
- This is semi-opaque when wet, transparent when dry - when used very thickly it may dry semi-opaque
- Apply with a brush as a collaging glue and fixative

How not to use it
- Do not vigorously over-brush as this can result in a foggy, hazy look when dry
- Do not use with any non-acrylic compatible media

Use with
Acrylic paints & mediums

Use on
All acrylic-friendly surfaces
Impasto & sculptural applications
Preparing exterior walls for murals
Blending & softening edges
Collaging, decoupage & mixed media