Mabef Electric Studio Easel M01



• Constructed of stain-resistant beech wood, walnut lacquered

• Available with 110 V or 220 V motor

• Ideal for restoration work

• Extensible sliding mast

• Electrically powered raising and tilting motion

Maximum loading capacity:

40 Kg - 88 lbs

This is the top of the line in the Mabef range. A beautiful easel that has all the maximum stability of the heaviest easels in the range coupled with the versatility and power of an electric motor to control the heavy lifting and angle adjustment of the largest canvas you want to work on. It has a maximum load capacity of 40 kg and weighs 44kg.

Made from imported dark classic walnut stained beech wood and crafted in the finest tradition of Italian woodworking. The easel’s specially designed utility tray provides two side storage drawers for brushes and paints, and features a sturdy base supported by four casters and leveling bolts for easy movement and safe use. When extended to its full 390cm, this easel can accommodate a maximum canvas height up to 235cm.