Makers Cabinet Stria Folding Ruler Brass


Highly engineered, the Stria ruler is an unceasingly intuitive and cherished tool. It’s versatile mechanism makes it perfect for everything from fine art drawing to precision draftsmanship, be it at home, in the studio, or on the go. The Stria’s design builds from the ruler’s time honoured seamless straight lines, measuring from edge to edge in both metric and imperial. With the added functionality of haptic feedback at essential angles, the Stria ruler is perfect for every creative.

Folded or open, the Stria will always settle neatly as you write, measure or cut, and when extended it lies angled to your page for ultimate ergonomic readability. The Stria ruler consists of two arms that pivot around an elegant dovetail hinge. Engineered to be ultra durable, it includes a high tolerance wedge that incorporates grub screws to adjust the friction within the hinge. This allows its user to set the perfect resistance, specific to their personal requirements. Tightening the wedge is done with the included special thumbscrew.

Feel tactile feedback at 45-degree increments with Stria's one of a kind dovetail hinge