Manuscript Italic & Poster Dip Set - 11 Nib


Italic & Poster Set 11 Dip Nib Set

Manuscript’s series of dip pen sets offer a wide variety of nibs for different purposes. Suitable for everyone from the experienced calligrapher to the beginner new to the art of calligraphy. Quality steel nibs manufactured by expert engineers in Britain.

Set Includes • x1 Standard Nib Holder • x1 Poster Nib 4mm • x1 Poster Nib 6mm • x1 Poster Nib 8mm • x1 Poster Nib 10mm • x1 Tape Nib 0.5mm • x1 Tape Nib 1mm • x1 Tape Nib 1.5mm • x1 Tape Nib 2mm • x1 Tape Nib 2.5mm • x1 Tape Nib 3mm • x1 Tape Nib 4mm • x1 Picking up Magnet