Michael Harding Ben Winspear Australian Greys Set


The Australian landscape is as unique as it is beautiful. When painting Australian landscapes you will find that your colour palette will need to be quite different to European landscape colours. Ben Winspear says, ‘the landscape here is grey before it is green.”

Mixing a range of neutral greys can be quite difficult which is why Michael Harding Oils are the perfect companion to any Australian landscape painter. As Harding himself professed, it is virtually impossible to get 'mud' when mixing his oils. Instead you will be able to capture all the delicate neutral greys of the Australian bush.

Included in this set is the ‘Guide to Mixing Greys of the Australian Landscape’ instructional booklet in colour, plus a worksheet that will walk you through the process of colour mixing.

Set includes 6 x 40ml tubes of Michael Harding’s Artist Oil Colour PLUS instructional booklet.

- Cadmium Yellow Deep

- Alizarin Crimson

- Cobalt Blue

- Prussian Blue

- Burnt Sienna

- Titanium White