New Wave Easy Lift Rectangular


Easy Lift


Easy to hold and easy to clean! The New Wave Easy Lift peelable artist palette is ideal for acrylic paints and versatile enough for oils. Dried acrylic paints simply peel away, while oil paints are easily removed with solvents. The Easy Lift plastic palette comes with a flexible silicone thumb ring that is interchangeable for right and left handed painters, providing an unmatched level of comfort. The palette provides a patent pending 3 point design that evenly distributes the palette weight, allowing you to paint effortlessly. At 11 x 16 / 28cm x 40cm this palette is easily transportable, sturdy to hold lots of colors and paints, and is still extremely lightweight. Made in the USA.

Key Features
Used for acrylic and oil paint
Acrylic paints peel off when dried!
Interchangeable silicone thumb ring for comfort
Very lightweight!
Ergonomic 3 point design

Approx 11"x16"