Pablo Rubens Master Artist Set


"In this careful selection of Daniel Smith watercolours I have the essentials to make any of my atmospheric landscapes. Four different blues with which I work my water themes, warm and earth colours to achieve a wide range of beautiful greens for any type of vegetation mixed with the blues, and infinite lovely greys. You can feel the extra high quality of Daniel Smith watercolours in every brushstroke”

~Pablo Ruben

Pablo Ruben was born in Madrid, Spain. He has been dedicating himself professionally to painting for more than 20 years and since 2007 specialized exclusively in the watercolour technique. He combines exhibitions, festivals and competitions in which he has obtained around 500 national and international awards. He currently teaches watercolour courses all over the world and in his studio in Grinon, opened in 2010.

The set consists of 6 watercolour tubes (5 ml):

1. Opera Pink

2. Hansa Yellow Medium

3. Phthalo Green (blue shade)

4. Cerulean Blue, Chromium

5. Indigo

6. Sepia

7. Lavender

8. French Ultramarine

9. Transparent Red Oxide

10. Pyrrol Red