Paul Wangs Colour Play Lab Set


"I love Daniel Smith paints because they are vibrant, highly mixable and creates the most beautiful textures for my sketches. This Colour Play Lab palette plays with the idea of attraction and tension. Simply pick and play with any 2 colours. Then watch them dance, mingle and oppose when you mix them. I know these 10 exciting colours will allow you to create a myriad of new mixes that will entice the eyes”
~Paul Wang

Born in Singapore, Paul Wang is a world travelling urban sketcher and a passionate art educator. He is well known for his playful use of fresh vivid colours. His convoluted strokes and dramatic splashes may look spontaneous but are highly choreographed. He always reminds his students to artfully WANDER and WONDER.

The set consists of 6 watercolour tubes (5 ml):

1. Cerulean Blue, Chromium

2. Cobalt Blue Violet

3. French Ultramarine

4. Hansa Yellow Deep

5. Indigo

6. Lunar Black

7. Permanent Alizarin Crimson

8. Sap Green

9. Transparent Brown Oxide

10. Transparent Pyrrol Orange