Stella Canfields Master Artist Set I


"This 6 colour set contains the colours of my basic palette. It gives me the primary yellow, red and blues as well as the three colours: Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Carmine and French Ultramarine from which I can create vast variety of most beautiful juicy darks”

~Stella Canfield

Stella Canfield's art is known for its deep emotional content, the dynamic of the brush stroke and vivacious colours. She creates intuitively and spontaneously in a relaxed, natural way of expressing her own emotional response to the subject or scene she paints. Her work is charged with the energy of her own life, her passion for people and nature.

The set consists of 6 watercolour tubes (5 ml):

1. Hansa Yellow Light

2. Quinacridone Burnt Orange

3. Pyrrol Scarlet

4. Carmine

5. Cobalt Blue

6. French Ultramarine