Talens Pantone Marker Set Of 9 Brown

By Pantone

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Sketch, draw and design in Pantone colors with Talens | Pantone markers! These high-quality markers contain pigmented, water-based ink in vivid colors based on the Pantone Matching System™. Meticulously formulated, adjusted and tested by Talens, co-designed and approved by Pantone.

This set contains 9 Talens | Pantone markers and comes in a sturdy box with a sleek, horizontal design, ensuring your markers are always ready to use with optimal ink flow to both nibs. Thanks to the color names and numbers on the caps, you can easily pick the right color for your work.

Bring your ideas to life and discover the possibilities! Each marker features two nibs, offering the ultimate flexibility: a brush tip for details and fine lines, and a chisel tip for broad strokes and bold color blocks. The ink dries quickly and is waterproof when dry, which makes it perfect for layering.

Use the markers with our unique Talens | Pantone paper for optimal results with the Pantone colors. When your marker runs out of ink, refill it using Talens | Pantone marker ink in the same color! Both are available in an extensive range of 108 colors, allowing you to create freely.


Contents: 9 Talens | Pantone markers (7500 – 7502 – 7504 – 467 – 465 – 463 – 7556 – 7558 – 7560).


Talens | Pantone markers

  • Approved color simulation to the Pantone Matching System™
  • High-quality markers with two nibs: chisel and brush
  • Fast drying water-based ink, waterproof when dry
  • Lightfast thanks to pigment-based formula
  • Use with Talens | Pantone paper for optimal color results
  • No paper damage with repeated layering
  • Large, refillable reservoir (refill with Talens | Pantone marker inks)
  • Available in 108 colors and various sets
  • Store horizontally to guarantee optimal ink flow in both nibs
  • Proudly designed and produced in Europe